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Friday, December 5, 2014

My Life Styled :: #CosmopolitanChic

Vegas- you either love it or you hate it. But what many people fail to realize is that the wild partying and stories akin to The Hangover only make up one side of the city. I am most definitely not a party girl. I get nervous in crowds, lightheaded after one sip of a well made drink and, quite frankly, can't stand it when strange men try to talk to me. I had always just accepted the fact that Vegas would never be a place for me.

That was until I spoke with someone who was just like me and LOVED their trip to Vegas. I realized that Vegas has so much more to offer than a quick weekend you wish you could forget. Think spas, shopping, amazing restaurants and unique shows. This was a relief because I must confess that I have planned my "Vegas Trip" wardrobe in my head way too many times to not actually go and enjoy it myself. It's all about versatile pieces that you can transition from one activity to the next.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas seems like a great place to stay. I would be able to enjoy everything on my check list without leaving the hotel! I could keep things casual and relaxing with one of their many restaurants or their in-house spa. I could also choose from three pool facilities, awesome modern art exhibits, and shopping. The unique New York-style towers are located right off of the strip- perfect in case I decide to venture out.

So in honor of all of those daydreams and imagined trips, I have styled a few looks that would be perfect for a quick weekend at The Cosmopolitan.

Day 1 :: Boulevard Pool + Secret Pizza

#ComsopolitanChic :: Boulevard Pool

To kick off my weekend, I would begin by relaxing poolside with a great book. Of the three pools available at The Cosmopolitan, The Boulevard Pool sounded just right. With an atmosphere inspired by an upscale yacht club, cabanas and a full menu at the Overlook Grill, I could settle in for hours on end. I would want to keep things sleek and chic in a bold colored bikini, aviators and a hat. After I have had my fill of glamour and luxury, I would throw on this ruched maxi dress and set off in search of Secret Pizza, a standing-room only pizza shop hidden within The Cosmopolitan!

Day 1:: P3 Studio

#CosmopolitanChic :: P3 Studio

While I might not be interested in the traditional Vegas nightlife, I was thrilled to find such a unique experience for an evening out. The glass walls and intimate setting allow you to really connect with the artist at work inside the studio. You even have the option of stepping inside and interacting with the artist! There is a rotation of artists-in residence so you can do your research and plan around the artist you want to see. P3 studio is also partnered with a non-profit, Art Production Fund. I couldn't think of a cooler way to spend my night!

Day 2 :: Sahra Spa & Hammam + Va Bene Caffe + The Shops at The Cosmopolitan

#CosmopolitanChic :: Sahra Spa, Va Bene Caffe, The Shops

#CosmopolitanChic :: Sahra Spa, Va Bene Caffe, The Shops by mefrench featuring seychelles shoes

My second day would begin with (surprise, surprise) more relaxing at the Sahra Spa and Hammam. The spa boasts 50,000 square feet of pure relaxation and over 28 treatment rooms that draw from the serenity of the desert. I would then throw on a simple yet chic ensemble like the one shown above. The clean silhouette and fairly neutral color palette make for a fresh look that is suitable for all of my activities of the day. My next stop would be Va Bene Caffe. This little gem offers fresh pastries, paninis, salad and gelato. Let's be honest, who doesn't want to do a little re-toxing after a spa session? I would then burn off those calories with some retail therapy in The Shop at the Cosmopolitan

Day 2 :: Drinks and a Show

#CosmopolitanChic :: Drinks & A show

#CosmopolitanChic :: Drinks & A show by mefrench featuring a pink dress

If you can't let loose on your last night in Vegas, then when can you? My first stop of the evening would be the Vesper Bar (named after Bond's infamous drink). This outfit channels that powerful Bond girl with the sexy back, red lip and sleek heels. After I've had my fill with about half a drink, Golan and I would make our way to The Chelsea to catch a killer show. Fingers crossed for Bruno Mars still being around!

With the holidays approaching and the semester coming to an end, all I can think about is a good vacation. How would you plan your trip to Vegas? Let me know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for some stellar deals and a unique experience. Stay updated by following the Fashionably M. French Facebook page as well as my Twitter and Instagram! Feel free to get in touch- I'd love to hear from you! x

I was asked by the people at if I would show how I would style my ideal weekend in Vegas at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. That being said, all opinions and suggestions are my own. Thanks!


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