Fashionably M.French: Fun In Frisco

Friday, September 25, 2015

Fun In Frisco

At the start of the summer, Golan and I decided that we were going to make more of an effort to explore Colorado. We live in this wonderful place and we might as well see all that we can see! 

The first stop was the town of Frisco, Colorado. I have driven past Frisco too many times to count on my way out to other cities in the mountains. It always seemed like a pit stop on the way to bigger places. After walking down Main Street and sitting on the edge of the marina, I'm not quite sure how I ever overlooked it. This little town is brimming with charm, friendly natives and good food.

Last weekend was Frisco's Fall Fest- a little festival where local artists, craftsmen and restaurants showcased their wares. We saw some beautiful work but we found the perfect place just past the fest. And that place was the marina. 

I mean just look at it. Sitting at the edge of the dock was so calming. Golan and I both realized just how much we love being lakeside. As we reluctantly left late in the afternoon, we made a plan to one day own property on a lake, complete with a little boat and some Adirondack chairs on the shore. Doesn't that sound divine? 

Take some time to explore your own backyard. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Let me know if any of you have been to Frisco and leave suggestions for more Coloradan mountain towns for us to visit! 


  1. Meagan, this is just beautiful!!!!! My favorite pics are the lighthouse and the sailboat.....and the one of you and Golan! You are blessed to live in such a place, and may God gift you with the home of your dreams one day!

    1. Thank you! I could sit on that dock and watch the sailboats for hours. I definitely feel very fortunate to live in such an amazing place!

  2. How great pictures!! I bet you had great time at this exotic place. We have also been making plans for an outdoor family holiday party and have decided to host the party at one of the most popular Los Angeles event venues.


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