Fashionably M.French: April 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Model Life | Portfolio Update

Just over a month ago, I had the pleasure of working with Alec of Tremaine Photography. [You can follow Tremaine Photography on Facebook here! ]We started the day at a casting and then went on a little adventure around Denver. We began in five points, in a back alley with some awesome graffiti and colorful characters. Then we jumped down to the Cherry Creek Reservoir and found some great little locations! I highly recommend Alec - great experience, great shots and great body of work. Head on over and take a look! Below are the new shots from that day. You can see my full portfolio here.

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Break: The Final Days...

Hello There! Unfortunately my Spring Break quickly got away from me. Between watching very ill children, getting sick myself, and life not stopping for any of those things, I completely dropped my own priority list. I've compiled all of the remaining days of spring break into one post. Enjoy! x

I am going to really enjoy finding new ways to use my new little friend (my spearmint) all summer long. Here I simply put a few leaves in my iced lemon water for a refreshing pick me up. Watermelon salad, fresh desserts and drinks, and I'll soon be 21 which means I will be experimenting with delicious mint beverages as well. Bring on the weekend gatherings of friends and family! 

As expected in Colorado, a chilly day is almost always followed by a warm sun filled day.

I spent my entire afternoon on Tuesday scouting in Cherry Creek for Fashionista/os for my weekly CollegeFashionista posts. [Take a look at them here!] There is a delicate balance of knowing when to speed walk across the street after someone and risk scaring them away or to just let them pass. Unfortunately, I admired many from a few blocks away and had to let them pass. My street style stalking skills are still developing, I guess. During my scouting sessions, I always meet lovely and interesting people. This man was playing his flute to a tune tailored to each pedestrian. He exuded a genuine kindness and joy while playing, regardless of whether or not he received any money from you. I passed by him multiple times on my hunt and each time he spoke with me and wished me well. The second time I passed him I took this photograph. This man's joy and passion has inspired me.

Day 3 was primarily focused on detox of the mind and the body. I had been exposed to a gnarly stomach bug from the kiddos over the past few days and had been desperately trying to keep it at bay. It was a combination of the fear of getting ill and my sore muscles that motivated me to start the day with a yoga session. I think yoga is going to be my go-to for recovery days out of the gym. 

Cats have a sixth sense of when it is the least convenient to ask for attention. The Sweet was skirting my mat and weaving between my arms all morning. Finally, I caved and pet her until she was satisfied. I came away looking like I had the fur, as usual.

I pretended to be mad...but let's be real. Who doesn't love a good kitty snuggle?

I was then sucked into a Netflix vortex... It was a welcome distraction, for once.

My ultimate comfort, a cup of  English tea
My guilty pleasure- British crime drama. Rosemary and Thyme
This was not the Spring Break I had planned but I tried to make the most of it. Do you have anything you do when feeling less than tip-top? Let me know in the comments! 

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