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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Model Life | Portfolio Update

Just over a month ago, I had the pleasure of working with Alec of Tremaine Photography. [You can follow Tremaine Photography on Facebook here! ]We started the day at a casting and then went on a little adventure around Denver. We began in five points, in a back alley with some awesome graffiti and colorful characters. Then we jumped down to the Cherry Creek Reservoir and found some great little locations! I highly recommend Alec - great experience, great shots and great body of work. Head on over and take a look! Below are the new shots from that day. You can see my full portfolio here.

Let me know in the comments down below what you think of the new shots! Also, comment down below if you check out Alec's work. Please subscribe in the side bar and be sure to like the Fashionably M.French Facebook page for regular updates. Thanks for reading! x


  1. I love your shots! But my favorite is yhevone with you in a hat in the woods. But you're great no matter what

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  3. thank you! I loved that shoot with Sherah in the aspens as well! :)

  4. Oh my! You look so gorgeous there! I love the way the light is hitting your eyes in the shots and how you seem to be able to tell a story using only your eyes. I particularly love the shot where the jacket is slung over your shoulder, as the light is hitting your hair in a very ethereal way. :D

    Mike LeMoine @ Maverick Web Marketing

    1. Thank you- I appreciate it! Alec is a wonderful photographer and really knows how to capture a great shot with a story to tell.


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