Fashionably M.French: A Model's Perspective: Victoria Monette

Sunday, March 23, 2014

A Model's Perspective: Victoria Monette

As a model trying to break into the industry, I am constantly searching the web for advice and tips from successful models. I thought "Why not ask my own questions of someone I know in the industry?" So I did just that. Victoria Monette has launched herself into both local and global markets as a model. Victoria and I attended the same high school in Texas and she has served as a personal inspiration ever since. Although she has traveled the world and has worked for the likes of Zac Posen, MissVogue and Oscar De La Renta, she remains humble, kind and rooted in her faith. Victoria is currently signed with seven agencies worldwide including Stars Model Management, RED Model Management, Leni's Models, Page.713, Major Models and London Mgt Group. She took time out of her bustling schedule to answer some of my questions about the latest on her career and gave some tips and tricks she has for aspiring models like myself. 
Photo credit - Victoria Monette via Instagram [@victoriamonette]
Fashionably M.French: How long have you been modeling? Victoria: I got signed when I was 15 and did local modeling jobs between Houston & Dallas. But I was also in high school and wanted to have the whole high school experience. It wasn't until after I graduated and started attending LSU that my modeling career really took off. I was on a plane to head to photo shoots and runway shows more than I was in my classes so I was having to work with my professors via email to get all of my notes and assignments. I had to make my modeling schedule work around my school schedule. My goal was to attend my dream school & still do what I love. I am proud to say that I accomplished just that my first year with all A's & B's. I prayed about it and decided to pursue modeling full time! : ) So full time I have been modeling almost 3 years! Its definitely been an amazing journey with so many opportunities that I never thought I would be getting to experience in this industry.

Fashionably M.French: You began your modeling career in Texas. What valuable advice and experiences did you receive at Page.713 that have helped you in your career?
Victoria:Page.713 taught me all the basics of becoming a prepared model that a client wants to work with. From bringing the essential necessities to every job to being easy to work with on set! Your impression that you make to every client is very important as that is what sticks with them.

Fashionably M.French : Would you say there was one booking that launched your career to the next level?
Victoria : Honestly, I think just staying true to who I am and letting God go in front of me on this journey! He has gotten me signed in the 7 markets that I am signed in & I think that is what has launched my career to the next level. Being able to travel the world, book jobs and gain new modeling experiences is a blessing : )
Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram
Fashionably M.French : What was it like walking for Zac Posen?
Victoria : Zac Posen is such a sweet designer & so talented! I walked for him in Fashion Houston as well as in San Francisco and both times were truly magical! He is such a joy to work with & to be one of the models to make his beautiful dresses come to life on the runway is an honor.
Fashionably M.French : Do you prefer runway or print work?
VictoriaHonestly, I love both! They are each so different and that's what I love.
Fashionably M.French : Who is your favorite client to work with?
VictoriaMy favorite client to work with would have to be BCBG Max Azria and also Francescas Collections! They are both like family to me.
Fashionably M.French : What is the best experience you have had so far?
VictoriaThat is a hard one to pick because I feel so blessed to be experiencing all of this! If I had to choose one I would have to say doing the Fashion Week circuits in NY, London, & Paris!

Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram
Fashionably M.French : The worst experience?
VictoriaThankfully, I have not had a bad experience yet & I hope to keep it that way! LOL : )

Fashionably M.French : Do you have a dream booking?
Victoria : My dream booking is to book an editorial campaign for Chanel, Valentino, or Calvin Klein!

Fashionably M.French : You are currently working in Australia. How are you liking it? Is it your favorite country to work in so far?
Victoria : I am LOVING Australia! It definitely is a favorite market of mine to work in and I am already planning my next trip here. But I also do love working in London, Paris, & NYC! : )
Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram

Fashionably M.French : What are some of your favorite backstage moments from VAMFF? Victoria : Some of my favorite backstage moments from VAMFF would have to be all of the different hair and make-up changes for the shows I did. Its truly so awesome what all the make-up & hair pro teams can come up with! Also, walking the runway with the likes of Montana Cox & Ajak Deng was really cool too!
Fashionably M.French : How does the backstage experience differ from that of NYFW or other shows you have done?
Victoria: It's honestly equally as crazy backstage! NYFW is more fast paced though since you can be in 5-7 shows or more a day.
Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram
Fashionably M.French : Do you have any tricks that you use on set to loosen up?
Victoria : Being on set can be crazy with all the people involved to make the shoot a success and of course being the model that they booked, all eyes are on you to make the vision come to life so just taking deep breaths and focusing are truly key!
Fashionably M.French : What are your casting essentials?
Victoria My casting essentials are my iPad which is my portfolio, my comp-cards, snacks, a bottle of water, a great pair of heels, a brush & my Clinique chubby stick lip balm : ) & of course a great casting outfit!

Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram
Fashionably M.French : Can you break down your beauty regiment and fitness routine?
VictoriaMy beauty regime consists of drinking plenty of water. Also, I love to use my Estee Lauder splash away cleanser and my Clinique 7 day scrub along with my Clinique moisturizing gel for after! My workout routine consists of cardio, pilates, yoga and I love to ride my bike around the lake in my neighborhood when I am home! I am a very athletic person so I love anything that is outdoors or gets my heart pumping!

Fashionably M.French : What are your style must-haves?
Victoria : My style must haves are a leather jacket or blazer, a great handbag that can go with anything, & definitely an awesome pair of heels!
Fashionably M.French : What are your makeup essentials?
Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram
VictoriaMy make-up essentials would have to be my Clinique mascara, liquid eyeliner, my favorite Urban Decay eye shadow, and a great bold lip color!
Fashionably M.French : Do you have a go-to "miracle" product?
Victoria : My go to miracle product would have to be my Bliss Oxygen Facial. Its important to be good to your skin & take great care of it!
Fashionably M.French : What are some tips and tricks for aspiring models?
Victoria : I think for aspiring models the best thing is to study & do their research. Watch all the latest runway shows, and look at all the fashion campaigns in the magazines. Also, the modeling industry is tough so it is important to be confident in who you are & to not take constructive criticism to heart but to learn from it.

Photo credit: Victoria Monette via Instagram [@victoriamonette]
Victoria isn't planning on slowing down any time soon. She will be heading back to Sydney to finish out her trip to Australia with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week: Australia. Keep an eye out for print work that Victoria has done while in Australia as well. You can follow her journey either on her Twitter [ @victoriamonette] or her Instagram [@VictoriaMonette]. It is wonderful to find people who have made the journey from a small town in Texas to bigger and brighter places across the globe. Keep up the good work, Miss Monette! I, for one, cannot wait to see what she does next.

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