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About Me

I'm Meagan -- Nice to meet you!

 I am currently attending the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. My major is Strategic and Organizational Communication (a mouthful, I know). While I go to school in the Springs, I am based just outside of Denver.

 I love getting creative and finding new ways to make my life a little bit brighter. You can usually find me with a big cup of tea in hand -- DIY-ing, reading and milling around my local garden center to my heart's content.  That's not to say I shy away from work work- I am so pumped to get out there in the big bad world of PR. One more semester of school and then watch out world!

When I first began Fashionably M. French, it simply served as a creative outlet while I went through school. But it quickly became something more. 

I saw articles by other bloggers and experts talking about how important it is to carve out a niche for your blog. My own niche is a little broad: lifestyle, recipes, DIY projects, a fashion post here and there. And I think that's okay. Why limit myself to one of those when I enjoy doing a little bit of them all? I believe that you can successfully build a blog around varying topics so long as you have a consistent voice and behind each post. I hope to connect with my readers over topics that I, myself, am interested in and create a lovely little community. This little corner of the web is growing each day and I love seeing where the next turn will take me.

If you would like contact me for any reason, pop on over to the "get in touch" page, where you can find my email and such. I'd love to hear from you! 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy. x

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