Fashionably M.French: Spring Break: Day 1

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Spring Break: Day 1

Today was a kick-ass start to my spring break. While not everything went according to plan (very sick kiddos at work and wonky scheduling on my part), there were still little things to appreciate. It ended up being chilly and snowy all morning so I lit some candles to try and trick myself into believing it was, indeed, warm out. It didn't work.

The highlight of my day is my new little friend, my spearmint. The cat seems to have taken a liking to it so I will have to keep an eye on that one and make sure she doesn't eat it all while I'm not looking. I plan to have quite the little garden this summer. It seems the first step is to build up my herb garden in my kitchen. I was initially going to grow my own everything but my impatient/lazy side got the best of me in the gardening section this morning. I caved and got a spearmint plant that someone had already grown for me. The first thing I did after transferring my little friend to it's new home was to put a couple of leaves into a cup of nice hot green tea. Mmmm...

WHAT I LISTENED TO: Edith Piaf on Pandora Radio, this is my go to station! I highly recommend listening to this station while... well, while doing anything really. The music makes me feel like I'm in a far off country side with the ones I love and my tension melts away. It is also perfect for doing classwork. The majority of the songs are in French and I can only understand a few bits and pieces, so it isn't as distracting.

Golan and I have made some not-so-new year resolutions, lifestyle changes really. We have committed to being healthier, more fit versions of ourselves. So far, so good! One of the little tricks I use to keep myself from snacking on less than healthy foods (popcorn is my major weakness at the moment) is to keep fresh fruit sitting on the counter. Not only does this ensure that I don't forget about my fruits and let them go bad, but I'm more likely to eat my healthy choices when they are right there in front of me. The fruit also brings some much needed color into our monochromatic kitchen.

Slowly but surely I am becoming more confident in my culinary skills, but sometimes a girl need some inspiration! Today I turned to an old favorite, Skinny Bitch. Don't let the name scare you away. Skinny Bitch is a vegan cookbook bursting with flavorful and inventive recipes for every occasion. I am not vegan myself so I simply use meat where ever I see a meat substitute and it turns out just fine. I cannot wait to bake some Lavender Shortbread Cookies for tea time later this week! 

I know that our lifestyle change will require continued effort and dedication, but I am also aware of what this will do for my mood, my ability to focus on work, my energy levels and so much more. I am tired of feeling like a slave to my cravings and immediately regretting my decision to cave. Sure, I will shed fat and tone up, but that is a bonus really. It's all about feeling great about myself and my body. It will be extremely difficult for these first few days, but I am already gaining more control and I like the results so far! I highly suggest that anyone take whatever steps you can to improve upon yourself. 

Stay tuned for a photo diary each day during spring break! I have some DIY projects planned, cooking posts, and more. Let me know if you enjoyed this or have an suggestions in the comments. Please be sure to share with friends and subscribe! Thanks for reading! x

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