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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Home Reno Round-Up

I would like to start this post with a little bragging. I love where I live. I am fortunate enough to live in roughly 800 square feet with a swoon-worthy view, a lovely little garden on the patio and the man of my dreams.

Now, that being said, this place could benefit from some upgrades. Whoever built it didn't seem to take much stock in their work and couldn't have been bothered with concepts like "longevity" and "quality workmanship" and "up to code".  G and I will be living in this place for at least another few years, so we will be reaping the benefits of any home renovation we do. (Eventually we would like to rent the place out and take on the role of landlord- but that's another blog post entirely!)

Our goal is to create a little oasis that balances the money spent and the return on investment. The last thing we want to do is spend gobs of money on a high end product just to find out that it doesn't actually increase the value of the home. I am not sure if I will be documenting the financials of each project but if you would like to know where we are finding everything and how much we are spending then do let me know in the comments!

Below is a list of the home renovations Golan and I plan to execute over the next year or so. We hope to be able to do most of it ourselves to save on labor and, quite frankly, we really enjoy the whole process! First thing's first, it would probably be beneficial if you had a bit of an idea of the layout of our place. A few things to note: The orange structure jutting out from the lower wall of the main living room is a large column that houses the fireplace, the orange line cutting off the kitchen is a bar that has to go, and the ship-wheel image is actually a spiral staircase that leads up to a small loft above the kitchen. Without further ado, the list!

1. New Floors Throughout

 Includes ripping up carpet + linoleum and replacing it with hardwood throughout the main living spaces. We will also be ripping out the linoleum in the bathroom.

2. Replace Dated Lighting Fixtures

We have a true beast beauty hanging from our vaulted ceilings that was transported from the Golden Girls set.

3. New Kitchen

The most important room in the house deserves a little TLC. We will be ripping out the bar to open up the space and will be installing the new kitchen ourselves. IKEA might win out in the kitchen race.

4. Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Our entire apartment is covered in popcorn ceiling. It looks like we have cob webs everywhere because there is no easy way to clean popcorn. The only room I have made progress in so far is the kitchen and that is only because I had to for a drywall patch. While this project isn't difficult, it can be time consuming and it is incredibly messy. I used a tarp and I am still cleaning remnants of dried plaster.

And there we have it. This list might seem short and sweet but I have a feeling it will be the haunt me until every last project is complete. Again, do comment down below with your experiences! I'd love to hear from you and gather and tips I can get my hands on. 

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