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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Foodie: Roasted Artichokes

Hello There! Every now and again I have a few days where my eating habits are less than perfect. I will quickly notice the difference in my body - low energy, weight shift, breakouts. In order to reboot and cleanse my system, I search from inspiring recipes to kick start clean eating habits once more! Recently, I broke out a favorite of mine from last fall, ROASTED ARTICHOKES
The Ingredients: fresh artichokes, lemon, garlic, pepper, and olive oil.
I found the original recipe here - the Organice Your Life YouTube Channel. That Lonneke Engel is a genius. She is so inspiring to live a clean and healthy life. 

The Steps:
1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Cut the stem off of the artichoke at the base
3. Cut the top of the artichoke to expose the inner portion as well as the lower leaves
4. Spread the leaves a bit and insert a clove of garlic into the center of the artichoke
5. Add pepper (and salt, if you like) to taste
6. Place artichoke on a large sheet of aluminium foil 
7. Add fresh squeezed lemon juice (I tend to use about a quarter of a lemon)
8. This is an added step on my part- I decided to add some minced garlic onto the top of the artichoke as a bonus
9. Wrap the artichoke snugly with the aluminium and place in a baking dish of your choice (I use stoneware) 
10. Cook for an hour! You will know your artichoke is done if you stick a fork into the middle and it feels soft.

How to Eat:
Remove the leaves, starting with the outer edges and working your way in. Scrape the inner portion of the leaf with your bottom teeth and enjoy! I know that sounds beyond appetizing but just trust me - it is. This was harder to explain that I had anticipated so feel free to watch the original video by Organice Your Life HERE.

Your finished product should look something like this! I'm getting hungry just writing this post. 

 I hope you enjoy this wonderfully light fall recipe. I like to pair this with a homemade tea consisting of black tea, cardamom, saffron and more! I'll be posting that recipe on here soon! 

Let me know in the comments if you have any recipes that are your "go to" recipes for fall! I'd love to hear from you! For more random bits from my life please subscribe in the sidebar! x

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