Fashionably M.French: 30 Day Snap Day 10 | Let's Try This Again....

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

30 Day Snap Day 10 | Let's Try This Again....

** I'm not sure why this didn't post the other day but hey... better late than never**So I know that I had said that I was going to get back on track in this challenge but apparently I lied. So today is attempt number 2! Today's snap is of my wonderful mother in the garden. I cannot tell you the extent to which my mother has influenced me. We are essentially the exact same person. We look the same, we love the same things, we both love and appreciate the beauty around every corner in life, etc. She is my role model and I can only hope to be as wonderful of a mother to my children down the line. (way down the line...this is not a pregnancy announcement, no worries!) I couldn't ask for more. xx

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