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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blumarine Fall 2013 RTW

Hello There! Recently I have been looking through Vogue's online runway catalogue which covers all of the major runway shows for each season. I was investigating the trends for Fall 2013 and I came across this gem of a collection - Blumarine Fall '13 RTW

Photos courtesy of Vogue Runway

Like so many other collections I've seen this fall, there were pieces I loved and pieces I didn't care for. What I have pictured above are some of my favorite looks from Blumarine's Fall 2013 RTW collection. I was drawn to the idea of a design that felt both structured and whimsical. Each look seems to have a certain flow and the detail work in each piece is astonishing. Each look is unique and memorable, from the skirt pant combos, to the darker, edgier pieces pictured in the bottom row, to the fun and flirty look of the dresses pictured in the top row. What more could a girl ask for?

As far as "ready to wear", again, there were some pieces that I personally wouldn't be brave enough to wear out on the streets. However, there were a few exceptional pieces that I would proudly don in the proper setting. This collection was a knockout in my book and I am looking forward to seeing what Blumarine comes out with next. You can find the entire Fall 2013 RTW collection here on Vogue's runway page!

What are your thoughts on the collection? Do you have a favorite from Fall '13? Stay tuned for my September Issue Saturdays - where I will post every Saturday in the month of September regarding my favorite glossy's September Issue! xx

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