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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Something New | Kate Moss Lipstick

Recently all of my time has been consumed by watching YouTube videos. I was introduced to a group of British YouTube-ers and I must admit - I'm a bit obsessed. My favorite of the group is one miss Zoella. Not only have I been watching all of her YouTube videos but I have also been following her blog. Basically, along with many other things, she has inspired me to take more risks with my makeup routine. Most of all my choice in lip products. She is usually wearing a bright and cheery color on her lips and it looks great! Not ever too much, always effortless. Therefore, I went and bought a bright lipstick of my own. I ended up getting a lipstick from the Kate Moss range for Rimmel in #12. Now being as I usually just wear some sort of lip balm or natural color gloss, this was very new for me. But I pushed past the insecurity and wore it to work anyways. I have never received so many compliments on my makeup. I felt confident and chipper all day and it was as if I was embodying the lipstick. It was great. Needless to say I am going back and getting more shades! Thanks, Zoella! x

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